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Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education

Jennifer Krom, a third grade Horizons on the Hudson teacher, is one of five area educators who were the first to take courses for Mount Saint Mary College’s advanced certificate in Gifted Education.

100% Online Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education

Want to meet the needs of all students in your classroom? Consider an advanced certificate in gifted education!

Request informationMount Saint Mary College offers a 4-course, 12-credit graduate program designed to provide certified teachers and administrators with a solid background and expertise in serving the needs of gifted and talented learners. 

“Gifted pupils are those who show evidence of high performances capability and exceptional potential in areas such as general intellectual ability, special academic aptitude, and outstanding ability in visual and performing arts. Such definition shall include those pupils who require educational programs or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to reach their full potential.”
(The New York State definition of giftedness)

Districts in New York are adding specially designed instruction for gifted and highly able learners across the state and certification in Gifted & Talented is required in order to teach in those programs. Secure your certification in G&T in one year in a hybrid (part in person; part online) program at Mount Saint Mary College. 

This program is ideal for certified teachers and administrators seeking additional education to serve gifted students.

Career Information

An extension in gifted education positions a professional to be a building or district consultant as well as an instructor for the advanced learners in a school.

Gifted Education Certification Courses

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) requires teachers to pass the Gifted Content Specialty Test (CST) and to successfully complete 12 credits of graduate courses in gifted education in order to qualify for the Gifted Certificate Extension. Teachers will need to have this extension in order to teach in designated gifted classes.

Course of Study for Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education

Mount Saint Mary College offers four (4) graduate courses that may be applied directly to the NYSED toward Gifted certification. All courses can be completed 100% online. Cycle of courses begins each Fall.

Courses offered online in the accelerated 8-week format

Course #TitleCreditsField Hours
ED 5750Fall Accelerated 1 - U310
ED 5760Fall Accelerated 2 – V320
ED 5765Spring Accelerated 1 – X310
ED 5755Spring Accelerated 2 – Y310