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In Their Own Words

The Mount in their own words

The Mount is nothing without its people. Here are a few of them.

Mount Saint Mary College graduate-to-be Victoria Mannone of Oceanside, N.Y. will soon join the nursing staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.From the Mount to the Mayo Clinic

"I feel that the Mount has prepared me well to work for the Mayo Clinic. My nursing classes have taught me so much medical knowledge needed to assess, develop anursing diagnosis, evaluate, and much more for patients in various settings. My clinical rotations have given me lots of hands on experience with patients performing various skills. I am ready to be a registered nurse largely because of Mount Saint Mary College."

Victoria Mannone '19, Registered Nurse at Mayo Clinic

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Beth Mills, Class of 1977


Paying it forward

"Mount Saint Mary saved my life. It saved my life in terms of grabbing hold of me and giving me the opportunity to develop. It is one of the best kept secrets. It is truly an amazing school. I am a woman from the Mount with promise.” 

Beth Mills '77, board president of 1346 Park Place HDFC

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Jeremy Smith, Mount alumnus, speaking at Open House Intern to employee

"(My internship) gave me an opportunity to leverage much of what I learned at MSMC. I credit the Career Center helping me land that internship. I knew that performing well during my internship might pave the way to greater opportunity, but I did not and could not imagine the profound impact it would have."

Jeremy Smith '06, Director of Digital Workspace Engineering at Travelers and Founder of SKYWIREme

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Alumna Audra Woodruff-SmithEmpowering entrepreneurs

"(The professors) know your name and really support you. Another thing I really appreciated about the Mount was the liberal arts education. I enjoyed that I could take so many different kinds of classes: psychology, business, theology, or even the class I took on Harry Potter novels. Having a little knowledge in a lot of areas has helped me in my career because I work on so many different kinds of shows.”

Audra Woodruff Smith '04, Co President of Turn Card Content, LLC

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Mount student Tyler Mannix stands in the campus storeLanding the job on the first try

"The Mount is a truly a place where a student can find his or herself. Without... the help of so many professionals at the Mount, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to intern 3 separate times during my college career. I am so grateful to take everything I have learned at the Mount and put it to use. I will be able to make a difference in the world because the Mount has prepared me so well for the career path I have chosen."

Tyler Mannix '19, digital marketing coordinator at HAI group

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Anthony Scardillo, assistant professor of MarketingWhen you love what you do

"I am always amazed at the quality of the students at The Mount. Of course they're smart, but more importantly, they're individuals who care a great deal about their classmates, their professors and the school. Many of my friends and family have recently retired. 'Why are you still working?' they ask. The reply is easy: This isn't work. When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

Anthony Scardillo, Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Giselle Martinez of Newburgh, N.Y. recently completed an internship as a session assistant for Senator Jessica Ramos (D), Senate District 13. HEOP works

"As an HEOP student at Mount Saint Mary College, I can honestly say that the program has offered life-changing opportunities I couldn’t receive anywhere else. Aside from providing additional tutoring, mentoring, and one-on-one meetings to ensure success for each student, they provide a home away from home. HEOP has given me unforgettable experiences and memories that I’ll always be grateful for. They gave me a chance, and I’m making the most of it.”

Giselle Martinez '20

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Dana McDonough, Teacher of the YearTeacher of the Year

"I enjoy the connections that I make with my students and families. I consider it a privilege to welcome each student, and to recognize that I will have successes and challenges that will make me grow as a teacher. I had many wonderful professors. They helped me to dig deep and see what my strengths were and gave me the tools to help me be the teacher that I am today."

Dana McDonough '91, MSEd '00, New York State Teacher of the Year 2016

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Jospeh Henain with Jodie Fahey at med school graduationSuccess in the real world

"(The Mount) gave me a great pre-med program. Every single faculty that I met here has gone above and beyond to help me succeed, not just here at the college level, but teach me lessons about how to succeed in the real world. They’ve given me every opportunity that a big university could, and some more. My time spent in the Division of Natural sciences taught me how to think critically and approach problem solving in a logical way. I still use this approach in treating patients on a day to day basis!”

Dr. Joseph Henain '14, MD

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Karina Cabrera Bell, MSMC alumna, presenting at a conferenceEmpowering others

"I learned a great deal about discipline and other transferable skills. I never thought of myself as a leader before college, but during my time there I blossomed in that area. By senior year, I was elected class President and developed confidence in presenting my views. Now, I feel comfortable presenting and speaking my views in any setting."

Karina Cabrera Bell '01, Founding Partner of OpenAccess and Founder and CEO of Reach Mama Network

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Blake Keenan, Mount graduate, about to board the trainSo nice, he came here twice

"The business-heavy curriculum helps you to stay on track and go for your goal while taking a lot more meaningful classes. Additionally, getting both degrees from the same institution allows you to have a rapport with your professors – instead of going into grad school having to adjust to new teaching styles, you already know half of the professors and their specific teaching style. I am proud to have graduated with two degrees from the Mount’s School of Business because of the great preparation I have had for the real world.”

Blake Keenan '18 MBA '19, Ernst & Young

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Fran Spielhagen, professor of Education at the MountModeling service

"I was a kid from the projects in Brooklyn, and we were very poor. I was bilingual and navigating between immigrant and American culture. But we always had in our family a sense that you had to give back, no matter what. When I came to the Mount, I found myself in a city of kids who could have been me. I thought, 'This is an opportunity to show these [college] students how to serve, and how to empower the youth of Newburgh.'"

Frances Spielhagen, Professor of Education and co-founder of the Center on Adolescent Research and Development

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Belle Frank and Giselle Martinez walk through the MST Atrium

A lifetime of Mount history

"I actually went to Bishop Dunn Memorial School (on campus elementary school). I grew up doing science labs in Aquinas. My 8th grade dance was in Hudson Hall. I performed in school plays on the Aquinas stage. Having that bond to the school so early on is special.”

Belle Frank '20

Follow along with Belle's journey on her Instagram account, @TheCaffeinatedCollegeiate




Megan Morrissey, MSMC academic coachFrom student to alumna to employee

"My favorite thing about MSMC are the students. I love coming into work every day and getting to hear their stories and help them find their way. MSMC students have a lot of grit and determination and they inspire me to be a better professional with each meeting. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do what I do and give back to a community that helped to make me the person I am today.”

Megan Morrissey '10, Assistant Director of Student Success

Learn more about Megan's story as a first-generation college student, and how she uses that to give back to students now, here.



Mount graduate Torrance Harvey became Newburgh's mayor in 2018.Leading our city

"Mount Saint Mary College believed in me and my potential! I shall always remember the opportunities and academic preparation for service to others I received at the Mount Mount Saint Mary College. Fortified with an excellent education, the Mount Graduates CAN make a significant difference!"

Torrance Harvey MSEd '03, Mayor of Newburgh

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