Commuter Life

Commuter students are an integral part of student life at Mount Saint Mary College.

We encourage commuters to participate in all college activities, especially as a part of the Commuter Council, a part of the Student Government Association.

Commuters can stay informed of college activities through the use of the MSMC portal, Student Government community page, and by calling the Student Activities Office at 845-569-3545.

In the lounge on the ground floor of Aquinas Hall and in College Court 392/The Knight Spot, commuter students can meet other students, engage in small group discussions, take part in activities, or even just relax between classes.

For commuting students, there are also meal plan options. You may sign up for plans that will allow you to use all of our dining facilities. Commuters may sign up for a specific meal plan by contacting Dining Services at 845-569-3186.

Commuters may become more involved with college activities and develop close friendships with other students by attending the variety of academic and social events conducted weekly and annually.


  • Currently no events are listed.

Student Activities Hotline