Residence Life

Residence Halls

The experience of living on campus is at the heart of your college stay. Your residence hall is the space you'll come home to each day. This is where you'll study, sleep, think, relax, make friends, and learn to live with others.

Living with other residents in a community setting is an education in and of itself. The college's Residence Life staff help students improve life in the residence halls by creating a productive and rewarding community. All of the Mount's residence halls are smoke-free.

What do our resident students think? Most say that the residence halls were a significant factor in their decision to attend the Mount.

Residence halls, close up

College Courts
College Courts
Dominican Center spring stairs
Dominican Center
Guzman Hall
Guzman Hall
Sakac Hall
Sakac Hall

Our Residence Directors (RDs) supervise the residence hall areas and each floor or wing is supervised by a Resident Assistant (RA).

It is important to take personal responsibility for one’s well-being by making smart decisions. On campus, our Office of Security & Safety is responsible for assisting students in creating a safe and secure environment.

The following security measures are in place at the Mount:

  • Security Officers patrol campus both on foot and by car 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Sakac Hall and Guzman Hall have a security officer on duty at the front desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All entry doors are locked and require an MSMC ID card swipe to activate.
  • All residence halls are equipped with smoke and fire detection systems and sprinklers.
  • Cameras are installed in key locations throughout campus.
  • Emergency blue light phones around campus have a direct line to Security.

Learn more about Security and Safety at the Mount.

A room in the Sakac Hall


Hudson Hall 117