FUNdamentals' 20:  Virtual Fun for Bishop Dunn

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 Summer FUNdmentals program which begins its 26th year of operation this July.  Our program is a cooperative venture between Bishop Dunn Memorial School and Mount Saint Mary College.  We have developed a program that remains unique in the region, especially this year utilizing distance learning.

Keeping our program fresh is important to meet the ever-changing needs of campers and families.  This summer we are excited to share our program courses include Gardening and Sustainability, MathTrails, and Book Club.

Our virtual programs allow participants to maintain skills developed in the school year while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere needed for a great virtual experience!  All participants will be exposed to a variety of intriguing activities!

This is a free program for current and new students registered for the fall 2020 at Bishop Dunn Memorial School.