Dining Services

The college will maintain a high level of food safety while adding new precautions. These changes apply to all dining halls on campus, including The View, Henry’s, and the Dominican Center Café unless otherwise noted.

Modifications to Food and Serving

  • Self-service points, such as salad bars, will be altered or removed to minimize situations where multiple people are touching the same items repeatedly. Instead, dining halls will serve premade or prepackaged items, where appropriate.

  • Items like desserts, bagels, and cereals will be served by a staff member or available as individually wrapped items.

  • Beverage stations will be equipped with disposable cups or single-serve options.

  • Grab and Go options will be enhanced.

Reducing the Risk of Virus Spread

  • Chairs and tables will be properly distanced

  • Staff will wipe down all door handles and high traffic areas every 30 minutes, depending on health department guidelines.

  • All staff will wear facial coverings and gloves.

Mobile Ordering

  • Mobile ordering will be available at The View, Monday through Friday, from 11 am to 8 pm. Students can place an order for the Deli, Pizza, Spoon and Fork and the Grill.

  • Mobile ordering will also be available at Henry's Monday through Friday for certain menu items.

  • Mobile ordering will use a meal swipe or flex dollars, advantage dollars, or Mount Money.