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Inspiring STEM confidence in female students

Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about technology? Have you ever wondered how your favorite website or app works? Does the idea of cracking open a computer to see what's inside or developing your own app fascinate you? Then Project CODE is for you!

STEM Girls enjoying technologyHere at Project CODE (Creating Opportunities for Digital Education), we believe that women will be the future of technology. Statistically, however, women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, so our mission is to embolden young women to believe that they can be successful in these fields, despite stereotypes that suggest otherwise.

That's why we created Project CODE, which provides technology workshops and training for underserved middle school girls in the city of Newburgh, NY. By exposing students to technology, we aim to inspire confidence in female students, develop young student leaders for the next generation, and encourage students to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

If you're interested in learning exciting, hands-on technology skills like app coding, podcast creation, robotics, and website design, then you'll love Project CODE's workshops!

Who we are

Inspiring the next generation – Project CODE is an initiative of Mount Saint Mary College that began in the fall of 2016 for middle school students at Bishop Dunn Memorial School and Nora Cronin Prsentation Academy in Newburgh. Created by female technology staff at the Mount, Project CODE encourages young women to consider careers in technology to which they may not otherwise be exposed. Project CODE's workshops are run by students, faculty, and staff at the Mount who serve as mentors and instructors for the students. 

Workshop topics

STEM Girls working on projectWhat you'll learn – Our past workshops have focused on topics such as:

  • Computer basics (e.g. the difference between hardware and software, what is computer programming, careers in IT)
  • Computer programming (how programming languages work and the basic concepts behind programming)
  • Web programming (HTML and CSS, along with web design fundamentals)

NEW: Robotics courses – Thanks to a generous grant from AAUW, we will begin offering workshops focusing on robotics beginning in the fall of 2017!

Supported by research from Girls Who Code and the Girl Scouts Research Institute, our workshops are based off of TechGirlz and Khan Academy curriculum, as well as personal knowledge and experience gained from working in the industry. We utilize web apps such as Blockly, so our students are immersed in hands-on projects that allow them to express their creativity while learning the material at their own pace.

Where we teach

On campus and on the go – During the school year, workshops are offered on the Mount Saint Mary College campus for students of Bishop Dunn Memorial School. In July 2017, we also offered workshops at Nora Cronin Presentation Academy in Newburgh.

Get involved

Are you ready to learn more about technology? All female students in grades 5-8 at Bishop Dunn Memorial School and Nora Cronin Presentation Academy are invited to participate in the workshops as they are offered. Information will be made available to students as workshop dates are announced.

Mount students, faculty, and staff: Leading a workshop or serving as a mentor is a great way to pass on your passion. Email for more information!