Timeline and Vision

The construction of the 2025 Strategic Plan consists of Five phases.

1. Getting Organized (Aug-Sep) - Completed

    • Set the calendar of events for the year
    • Establish the Planning Task Force (PTF) using the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee (SPBC) and nominations submitted from faculty and administrators.
    • Orient the PTF on the five phases of the planning model at their initial meeting.

2. Data Gathering and Engagement (Oct-Dec) - Current phase

    • Training for PTF on strategies for meaningfully engaging internal and external stakeholders.
    • PTF produces a work and communication plan for gathering data.
    • PTF gathers data and information from stakeholders and compiles summaries for the next full meeting of the PTF.

3. Making Sense of the Issues (Jan – Feb)

    • PTF presents findings from all stakeholder groups to the full PTF committee at an all-day event (January 9th).
    • 5 - 7 Primary themes are identified which begin to identify the primary focus areas of the plan.
    • The development of each theme is led by a group of PTF members who work together to produce standardized concept papers.
    • Concept papers are shared with the college community.

4. Goals Conference (March)

    • PTF and all interested internal stakeholders attend an all-day event (March 18th) to further develop concept papers.
    • Identify 4 or 5 goals for each Theme.
    • Create broad implementation plan for each goal using a uniform outline.

5. Plan Refinement (Mar – May)

    • Efforts transition to the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee (SPBC)
    • Broad implementation plans are refined.
    • Action steps are created.
    • Facilitators are assigned.
    • Measures of progress are identified.
    • Financial requirements are budgeted.
    • PTF reviews first draft and makes revisions.
    • Second draft is shared with entire community.
    • Final revisions are made, copy is published internally and submitted for board vote.


Vision Statement

“Mount Saint Mary College is going to become the most community service-oriented college in the United States. We are going to move into the future by embracing and amplifying the concept that is at our core: Service matters.” — Dr. Jason N. Adsit, president of Mount Saint Mary College

The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 will be focused on creating the eco-system necessary to achieve Dr. Adsit's vision for Mount Saint Mary College

Service Matters phase graphic